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Professional Copyediting

Our team of copyeditors add the finishing touches that truly make your manuscript shine. We offer gentle feedback, smooth the grammar, apply the Chicago Manual of Style, and format your manuscript for publishing.

Book Coaching

You have a great idea and proficient writing skills, but you need an experienced professional to serve as a sounding board. Or maybe you need a coach to help take your writing skills to the next level. Our coaches have years of experience authoring and/or editing books that have sold millions.

Collaborative Writing

Just because you don’t have the time or writing skills to write an “A” level manuscript doesn’t mean your ideas aren’t worthy of being published. Often referred to as “ghostwriting,” we work with you to write a superior manuscript that reflects your thoughts, discoveries, and hard work.

High-Quality Publishing

Hard cover, paperback, eBook, full color–we can do it all. If you can dream it, we can publish it. Our book cover designers and typesetters work for traditional publishing companies, ensuring your book doesn’t look “self-published.” Then we make your book available to over 30,000 wholesale and retail booksellers including Amazon and iBooks.


Here's how Illumify Media Group can help you
You've invested too much to publish a mediocre book

Nothing in life worth doing is easy. At Illumify Media Group, we understand the stress and countless hours you've poured into your book. Heck—we’ve been there ourselves! We respect your work and we commit to honoring your efforts and ideas.

Our goal is to assist you in publishing a book that looks, reads, and feels like a traditionally published book. Most importantly, we’ll be honest in our assessments and recommendations. Satisfied customers drive our business. We work like this because we’re professionals.

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Our Team

Our team of professionals will make your book shine!
Michael has authored several books, including “Strange Fire, Holy Fire.” But book coaching and ghostwriting are his sweet spots. He has written numerous award-winning bestsellers, collaborating with television personalities, presidential campaigns, and former presidents.
Operations Director/Staff Writer
Jen enjoys collaborating and developing relationships with authors throughout the writing process. She has worked as ghostwriter, substantive editor and book coach. Jen believes the human story is the most interesting story of all, thus her favorite genre is memoirs.
Laura Lisle
Laura Lisle
Editorial Director
A long-time editor, copywriter, and transcriber for companies like Baker, Barbour, Zondervan, and Howard, Laura’s calling and great love are to collaborate with authors to make their work and their vision shine. It’s about presenting ideas to make the world a better place.

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